TESC 2019 Panel Sessions & Workshops
Tuesday, July 9th
Track 1: Regulatory & Policy Track 3: System Design & Architecture
Time Moderator: Chris Villarreal Moderator: Ron Ambrosio
1030 – 1200 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
TESC19-009 Regulatory Accelerators for Building Transactive Energy Markets Larisa Dobriansky, Dobriansky Consultancy/General Microgrids TESC19-008 Transactive Oriented Grid Architecture Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting
TESC19-018 Readiness of Policy for TES Mark Knight, Burns & McDonnell TESC19-010 A Transactive Network Template for Decentralized TE Systems Don Hammerstrom, PNNL
TESC19-030 Transactive Energy Operations Cost-Benefit Alignment Farrokh Rahimi, OATI TESC19-016 A Simple Market Plus controls Approach for Distribution Grid Voltage David Holmberg, NIST
TESC19-028 Advanced Io-T Based Metering Infrastructure to Support Transactive Energy Exchanges Kash Nodehi, OATI
1200 – 1300 Lunch Break
Workshop 1: Regulatory & Policy Workshop 3: System Design & Architecture
Facilitator: Leonard Tillman & Chris Villarreal Facilitator: Ron Ambrosio
1300 – 1400 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
1400 – 1430 Networking Break
Track 2: Business Models & Value Realization Track 4: Physical & Cyber Technology & Infrastructure
Moderator: Farrokh Rahimi Moderator: Ron Bernstein
1430 – 1600 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
TESC19-002 Establishing the Value of DER to the Grid Nayeem Mohammad Abdullah, Com Ed TESC19-031 A Computable Multilayer Systems Tack for Future-Proof Interoperability Alan Ransil, MIT, Protocol Labs
TESC19-005 Economic, Reliability and Resilience Considerations for TE Systems Mark Knight or Rahul Bahadur TESC19-34 Cybersecurity and Energy Management Standards for TE Kenneth Wacks, Home, Building & Utility Systems
TESC19-017 From Airbnb to Solar: Toward a Transaction cost model of a Retail Electricity Dist Platform Lynne Kiesling, Carnegie Mellon University TESC19-038 Transactive Energy Blockchain for Use Cases Segmentation and Standardization Framework U. Cali, UNCC
TESC19-025 Distribution System Operator Models for Utility Stakeholders – DSO Organizational Models for a Digital, Distributed Modern Grid Stuart McCafferty, Black & Veatch
Workshop 2: Business Models & Value Realization Workshop 4: Physical & Cyber Technology & Infrastructure
Facilitator: David Forfia Facilitator: Ron Bernstein
1600 – 1700 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
1700 – 1830 Reception
Great Hall
Wednesday, July 10th
1130 – 1230 Lunch Break
Track 5: Resilience Track 6: Visions for Participation
Time Moderator: Farrokh Rahimi Moderator: Tanya Barham
1230 – 1400 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
TESC19-006 Transactive Energy Systems for Contingencies Bishnu P. Bhattarai, PNNL TESC19-004 The Case for Distribution Tagging and Congestion Management in Support of Transactive Energy Farrokh Albuyeh, OATI
TESC19-021 Improving Distribution System Resilience Using Responsive Loads Teja Kuruganti, ORNL TESC19-015 Analysis of Residential DER Potential for Grid Service Provision David Holmberg, NIST
TESC19-033 Transactive Microgrids: Creating Resilience and Economic Benefits Ebrahim Vaahedi, OATI TESC19-027 Commercial Buildings in Transactive System Simulations Tom McDermott, PNNL
TESC19-022 Agent Based Framework for Supporting Transactive Power Electronic Systems Micheal Starke


1400 – 1430 Networking Break
Workshop 5: Resilience Workshop 6: Visions for Participation
Facilitators: David Forfia and Ron Melton Facilitator: Tanya Barham & Lorenzo Kristov
1430 – 1530 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
Track 7: Business Models & Value Realization (Track II) Track 8: System Design & Architecture (Track II)
Moderator: Chris Villarreal Moderator: David Forfia
1530 – 1700 Location: Johnson Great Room Location: Thomas Swain Room
TESC19-035 A Standard Transactive Contract Steve Widergren, PNNL TESC19-029 Test Bench for Transactive Distribution System Operators in Wholesale and Retail Capacity and Day-Ahead and Real-Time Energy Markets Rob Pratt, PNNL
TESC19-013 A First Pass at TE Requirements David Haynes, Aclara TESC19-019 Where Does an ESI fit into a TE Conceptual Model? David Holmberg, NIST
TESC19-026 “Architectural Options for Transactive Software Agents in a Simulation with Communication Systems” Tom McDermott, PNNL
1700 Conference Adjourns
1700 – 1830 OATI Microgrids Center Tour (no-cost pre-registration required)